Hi I'm Bluerobin2! I like making games and I'm trying to learn Pixel Art too. I'm also interested in electronics and robotics. Here is some stuff I decided to put online. I call this my closet. A closet full of blue bird goodness. I try to post every Saturday.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Current stuffs (and yeah. Anyways)

Hello everyone again! I wont be posting much at this time because I'm currently working on changing how the site looks.

Some projects that are currently in progress are:
Battlewood; an rpg style game for Petit computer. It is shaping up, but still very much in progress as you can see.
Here are some screenshots.

Another project I am working on is a game on GameMaker inspired by Minecraft. So far, a 2d Minecraft terrain is randomly generated, and you can drop bombs on it to blow it up. Any ideas of a potential Minecraft fan spin off from here?

Yeah, That's what I'm working on. Any more ideas?
BTW next post will feature my mii family.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welcome To The Closet!!

Hello. It's a me bluerobin2!. This is my new blog. And this is mii. :)

No not really. This is mii.

Yeah... Anyway, this page is infested with custom html created by me. If you look on the navigation above, you will see There is a link to the miniblog where I will Post QR codes for different levels and games.Unless you are on mobile. So far there are only 3. At the time of this writing, this blog is currently in "BETA". Have fun browsing and Please give some feedback for the design. It would be highly appreciated. To learn more about me, Visit the "About Bluerobin2" Link above or read the short blurb after that. See you later guys, And welcome to the Blog Closet!