Hi I'm Bluerobin2! I like making games and I'm trying to learn Pixel Art too. I'm also interested in electronics and robotics. Here is some stuff I decided to put online. I call this my closet. A closet full of blue bird goodness. I try to post every Saturday.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

40/40 Challenge: Post 1/40 - A few new quirks

Hello all again! My teacher gave my class a challenge and part of that is to write a total of 40 pages so I'm going to try writing 40 posts this summer. I have a few ideas - Game reviews, programming updates, etc. The point of this post is to tell you that I have recently started a YouTube channel. I will eventually have tutorials, programming updates, and other good stuff. Next off, if you want to join me and my *ahem* fans in some intense Mario Kart 7 matches, head on over to the group "Bluerobin2 Race" to enjoy high flying and deep diving action! The code is: 26-7490-7049-7900.

As of Petit Computer, Me and some others are working on a website where tutorials and help will fill the brim. You may check out a Draft test site here, but please note that the website is still heavily in progress and will not be completed in a long time. I am also working on a few things as well. First of all, I am finishing up Temple Raid. I am very pleased to be a final nominee of the presidents jury award. A maze generator I have contributed is also there. Check out the finalists here. Next, I am starting a Mining minigame featuring a transforming robot. Then IDK... Suggestions?

Other than that, I don't have very much going on digitally, except that I also have some new ideas for the design of this site...

Happy 4th of July!

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