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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Headers Coming Soon! (And other updates)

if you've followed the blog for a while, you've probably noticed my terrible headers. I made all of those in half an hour for the sake of them being up there.

Well, now that is going to change. I plan on releasing a new logo (Which you can see up top) and lots and lots of new headers (10 planned, 2 done at this time of writing). And I'm happy to announce that these will not look thrown together like the last ones.

My previous setup had the website choosing a different header every time you visited a page, or refreshing it. My new setup will change the picture per day, not per page load. I have the JavaScript down already, In fact I might do a tutorial. Its really simple. I set up a custom "random" number choosing setup and used the day, month and, year combined as a seed. In fact, I should put it in the weekend programming community on google+. Whats that? Never heard of it? Well check it out!

I also intend to redo the menu. I used to have a custom one, now I have the generic one Blogger gave me. I'm not happy. I want a fresher and better one! So I'll make that. The buttons on the menu will probably follow a similar theme to the choosen header.

I've recently started tuto... no not really tutorials... more like portals in which I will point you to helpful people who have helped me over the past years. Below this should be my first attempt at that, the Basics of Arduino. I dont expect much of a response since I only have about 6 followers, but thats more than I've ever had :).

Oh yes and happy 2014! Thanks for a wonderful year!

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