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Friday, August 8, 2014

Things are going to change

I'm going to try to post every Saturday from now on. I will post about my games and maybe some reviews and my look on things. For now, I know that I'm a day early but I guess it is time to update the news here.

First of all, I did start an entry for The 3rd Annual Game Boy jam. The problem was that I started late and I don't have the time to finish it. I wanted to make a 3D rouge-like game in which you are a women from a local tribe who decides to do something about recent attacks on the village. It wasn't going to be a large game, with a few levels and a final boss. Another problem was that I never really delved in 3D before, especially in Gamemaker, so there was quite a big learning curve. However, I like the way this is going so I may make it into a full game later on. Here is a screenshot I released on my twitter:

Next I'm working on a game based on J.D. Carthel (aka burlapjack)'s game, Beach Commando. I really liked his idea and the Beach Commando was made in a very short amount of time and only has 5 levels. You can play it on his website by clicking here. Here is a screenshot of my game. It's about a lab experiment that gets tired of its imprisonment and decides to escape the facility.

The idea is to avoid the robots (or sentinels as I call them). You must avoid their line of sight or you will get caught. You block their vision by moving cardboard boxes in the way.

And lastly, I think it is time to announce my official big indie game I am working on. This is my biggest game I've ever worked on. I'm calling it Feeling Green. The names comes from the phrase "feeling green", which means many things, one of which is feeling new and fresh. The game will be about an unnamed person who is finding his way back home. The core mechanic will be weather, which will help or hinder your progress (for instance snow will freeze water into ice). Here are some more screenshots based on how the game progressed over time, starting with the early prototypes:

So then a graphical redo happened...

And then I decided the background looked horrible...

And now I have no background until further notice :). That's all for now! I had a lot of fun writing this post. Until next time!

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